What Our Clients Say


“Working with Ian was a real pleasure, he provided a consistent pipeline of candidates leading to two offers. I would definitely recommend Ian, as he delivers a tailored and effective service.” – Alexander Agnihotri, Talent Acquisition at Epsilon



“Ian sent me a few candidates that were relevant and kept me updated throughout the process. In fact the only recruiter out there who has stayed in touch.” – Gary Manning, Senior Recruiter at King.com



“Ultimately Ian found me a great solution. I’m very happy with the service, I recommend Ian as a valuable partner… and will use his services again as and when required.” – Malcolm Kemp, Director of Talent Aquisition at Klarna


Tristar TV

“Tristar TV has specific hiring needs associated to our niche sector, Ian listened and was able to respond with CV’s that were a match and all at a reasonable rate too Digital Execs are our first port of call for recruitment.” – Charles Newman MD


Google candidate

Nearly 3 years ago Ian contacted me about a Developer role at Epsilon based at Google, I have been here for close to 3 years and can say that it’s been a great experience for me.

I would like to say that Ian approached me in a professional manner, listened to what I was looking for and presented the perfect role that I am enjoying to this day. – Duarte Viveiros 


Software Sales executive

Ian approached me in regards to an IT Sales role, I knew within the 30 seconds that what Ian had suggested was exactly in line with what I was looking for.
I met with Ian and he was able to guide me smoothly through the process and assisted in securing me the role I am with now, my dream job with Business Agility as an internal BDM.
I was really impressed with Ian’s professionalism and I would recommend him to anyone who was hiring or to anyone who is a candidate. – Ryan Brazier