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Who delivers the workshop?

Me, Ian Benjamin, I’m a recruiter MD of Digital Execs Recruitment. I still love what I do even after twenty years’ recruiting and preparing Digital Marketing, Sales, Project Managers, Office & Administration professionals.

What’s the workshop all about?

The Own your job search workshop is designed for 1-2-1 or up to 6 in a group session.

It’s a deep dive into where the job seeker is now in their pursuit for a new role, helping them to realise there worth, current options, analyse goals, a revamp of their CV & LinkedIn profile, polish up on interview skills & instil confidence to implement a bespoke plan that accelerates securing their next job.

  • CV review, overhaul
  • LinkedIn profile overhaul
  • LinkedIn, learn how to identify, target & reach out to relevant Hiring Managersrelevant Recruiters, Hiring Managers & Departmental Heads
  • Interview preparation & techniques
  • 10-minute video interview showcasing experience & skills

Why not help Ex-employees own their job search?

Regrettably layoffs and redundancy casualties remain commonplace in 2024. Imagine the impact of gifting, paying it forward to redundancy casualties with a 3 step Own Your Job Search workshop.

  • Digital Marketers  
  • SEO professionals
  • PPC professionals
  • Sales professionals + Account Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Office support professionals

1-2-1 sessions or for a group of up to 5 in person or online.

The Own your job search workshop covers the following

1-2-1 consultation on their current situation, goals & objectives

  • CV overhaul
  • LinkedIn profile overhaul
  • Multiple LinkedIn hacks
  • Demystifying the benefits of LinkedIn subscriptions, free trials
  • Learn from a live demo on how to implement a bespoke LinkedIn strategy to identify & engage relevant Hiring Managers, Recruiters & contacts specific to their niche & needs.
  • Create their bespoke step by step plan to secure their perfect job
  • Lastly, have their own professional 10-minute video interview summarising their skills & experience that they can share to Hiring Managers via a link.

Above are the key topics, benefits & take aways provided in the “Own Your Job Search” workshop.

The workshop will also reduce anxiety, instil confidence, knowledge enabling a bespoke action plan that accelerates their back to work journey that can often become a strain on mental health & life in general.

Who does Ian recruit for?

A few of my current clients include Lloyd’s Bank,, OMD, Mediabrands….

Own your job search workshop summary

CV review, overhaul & update

Laying out of a CV is important, ideally over two pages, it’s a headache to know what to say about previous positions, describing skills, experiences, contributions, achievements & more.

The own your job search workshop makes sense of this headache, providing actionable solutions & fixes so that a CV now becomes a true reflection of previous roles and an appealing reference of what an employer can achieve from a candidate.

LinkedIn profile overhaul

LinkedIn is so powerful; and a LinkedIn profile can also be powerful if written in the right way, containing relevant keywords, links & content to improve visibility through appearing higher in the recruiters search results.

Own your Job Search shares how LinkedIn works, even a breakdown on the different subscriptions, how to obtain upgrade trials.

Identify, target & reach out to relevant Recruiters, Hiring Managers & Departmental Heads

Learn how to stand out to new & existing LinkedIn connections

I’ll perform live boolean searches in real time, creating boolean search strings tailored to identify relevant contacts in a manageable number so that a specific, targeted reach out strategy can be implemented.

Interview preparation & techniques

Anxiety often kicks in leading up to an interview, being worried about doing & saying the right things are all natural & common. Preparation is key, learn some gems to instil confidence for when in the hot seat!

10-minute video interview

Showcasing skills aligned to target jobs, standout & boost application interest

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