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Digital Execs Recruitment’s Black Professionals In Data (BPID) network is a completely fresh approach to supporting career professionals.

The data division is a community, specifically created to encourage inform & support black data professionals like you in this evolving space that every business sector depends on more and more each day.

Tolu Adebekun  

I’m blessed to have Tolu in my corner, helping shape this new initiative with his wealth of experience in data technology, Tolu is currently Head of Data Visualisation at Sky TV.

In addition to career opportunities, BPID provides you with.

Some of the core areas we will be covering are

  • Data visualisation
  • Data management
  • Data transformation & strategy
  • Data platforms

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  • Interviews with black data professionals about their journeys, insights, opinions, navigating a career in data & more.
  • Employer reviews.
  • Webinars and in-person events.
  • Salary surveys.

Don’t just sit on the fence…get involved!

Become part of the BPID journey, I want to hear from you. we offer an open forum to contribute, share & get involved in building a community for black data professionals.

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