What Our Clients Say

“Working with Ian was a real pleasure, he provided a consistent pipeline of candidates leading to two offers. I would definitely recommend Ian, as he delivers a tailored and effective service.” – Alexander Agnihotri, Talent Acquisition at Epsilon

“Ian sent me a few candidates that were relevant and kept me updated throughout the process. In fact the only recruiter out there who has stayed in touch.” – Gary Manning, Senior Recruiter at King.com

“Ultimately Ian found me a great solution. I’m very happy with the service, I recommend Ian as a valuable partner… and will use his services again as and when required.” – Malcolm Kemp, Director of Talent Aquisition at Klarna

“Tristar TV has specific hiring needs associated to our niche sector, Ian listened and was able to respond with CV’s that were a match and all at a reasonable rate too Digital Execs are our first port of call for recruitment.” – Charles Newman MD

“Ian contacted me and presented me with a new opportunity, the way Ian approached and arranged the interviews etc was different too previous recruiters, I cannot recommend Ian and Digital Execs  enough.” – Joanne Gardiner, Sales Administrator

“We have been delighted with Ian and his team for the way they handled our latest vacancy for a technical support analyst. Having tried many agencies who simply flood you with CV’s, Digital Execs took the time to fully understand us and our vacancy and then filter through candidates, so we only spoke to the most suitable, which finally led to our getting the best possible candidate for the position. I would have no hesitation recommending Digital Execs for any technical vacancies.” – North London IT.



Sales Professional, London

“I was on the hunt for a new opportunity that would be suitable for a sales professional of my calibre, I had been searching for a number of weeks being sent Job descriptions that were not relevant to my experience or skill set.

Ian approached me with an opportunity that suited me perfectly, from the outset of the conversation it was clear that Ian had taken the time to read my CV and understood what benefits my skill set and experience could bring to his clients company.

Ian maintained absolute transparency throughout the process and was always approachable with any questions or concerns I had. Ian made what could have been a potentially difficult period in my life stress free and exiting.”


Mailboxes, Etc, Luton

“I wasn’t totally clear in my mind exactly what I wanted from a new member of staff but after discussion with Ian he helped me to clarify what I needed and wrote the job spec. / advert.He only presented top quality candidates for me to appraise and interview which kept the time I spent looking to an absolute minimum. All for a reasonable fee. Great service, I would definitely recommend.”


A Plan Insurance

“It has been a pleasure to deal with a firm that I would class as ‘old school’ recruiters that clearly listen to my requirements and only forward CV’s of candidates that fit the bill.

You took the time to meet my candidate early in the morning prior to his interview with me to ensure he would turn up and was appropriately turned out, This is a service that only a local firm such as yours can offer and is one of the many deficiencies the new breed of internet based recruitment firms have.

My first point of call whenever I need to fill a position and I will have absolute confidence recommending your services to others and in fact I already have.” – Martin Lazell



“Ian was not only helpful in my job search, but also in interviews, after being asked how my previous experiences led to my choice to apply for certain jobs.

During that discussion, Ian examined my CV and gave me great advice on how to improve it, making the timings and content more specific. He was then extremely proactive in searching for potential opportunities, making calls on my behalf regarding specific vacancies, which provided me with key contacts at recruitment agencies more specific to my desired employment area.

All in all, Ian showed great enthusiasm, which instilled within me a tremendous sense of pro-activity and optimism, and he showed a genuine care in my own success, all of which I found to be hugely important.

I know that mum was very grateful to Ian for his help. In fact, she spoke very highly of him to her friend Carolyn McCall, who happens to be the CEO of Easy Jet. From this interaction Dame Carolyn McCall was so impressed by what she heard about Ian, that he was personally invited over for a meeting regarding recruitment. Although, Easy Jet do their own internal recruitment process, there is no doubt that Ian would be given professional consideration if they sourced externally.

Thank you, Ian, for all your help it is something that will not be forgotten.” – Chris and Maria Moore


Utility Warehouse

“Ian impressed me from the outset with his approachability and obvious expertise, and more specifically with his offer of assistance to my son Chris on his job search upon graduation last summer.

Ian was generous with his time and followed up a very positive and encouraging meeting with a schedule of specific actions for Chris to take to help him in his research, build his networks and to attract the attention of his chosen industry and employers. From the meeting Ian was able to make a very good assessment of Chris’s abilities and character and the recruitment advice he provided was excellent. From that springboard Chris gained clarity on his options, selected a specific graduate trainee route, set about finding a suitable position within a chosen company and secured their offer. He joins them in August.

Ian’s assessments, insight and expert guidance was invaluable in that process and I want to thank him for offering his expertise in this way. Ian truly understands what employers are looking for in quality and skilled personnel who fit the role and the company; I highly recommend Digital Execs to any organisation wanting to recruit the very best people for their business.” – Anthea Cowen



“Ian approached me at a time where I was struggling to make headway in this recruitment through my own contacts. Ian presented Digital Execs to me and I realised that he provided a service that could be of significant value to me if he could deliver on his strategy. I agreed to give Ian a shot at these 2 important hires, which were based in our HQ in Stockholm – something that as making this hiring quite a challenge.

Ian took a brief for each of the two vacancies, we exchanged a few emails and calls to fine tune the Search and within a few days I started to receive profiles from passive candidates that Ian had identified, headhunted and presented the Klarna opportunities to.

Ian updated me frequently, he managed the process really well, kept both candidate and myself updated at each stage. He showed resilience in the face of 2 difficult roles to fill, and did not give up. What surprised me was how well Ian was able to penetrate the Swedish market and I quite quickly hired my Sourcing Specialist, someone I’m confident will develop into a recruitment rockstar. The more senior role was more challenging as senior internal recruitment talent is rare in Sweden. Ultimately Ian found me a great solution, headhunting a senior talent from the UK tech market and convincing them in the opportunity with Klarna. I’m very happy with the service, I recommend Ian as a valuable partner in the search for internal recruitment talent, and will use his services again as and when required.” – Malcolm Kemp, Director Talent Acquisition



“Ian Benjamin from Digital Execs  approached me proactively on LinkedIn when I was struggling to find an Internal Resourcer for a 3 month contract. After scheduling a call with him and listening what he has to offer, I decided to engage him on this search. Ian came across very professional and sounded like he knows his market, specifically in the in-house recruitment arena. Working with Ian was a real pleasure, he provided a consistent pipeline of candidates leading to two offers. I would definitely recommend Ian, as he delivers a tailored and effective service.” – Alexander Agnihotri – Talent Acquisition


IT Consultancy Firm

“Digital Execs supply consultancy across a broad section of our recruitment delivery function which has allowed us to mobilise services back to the hiring community . The direct sourcing model that has been implemented has deliver cost savings and service improvements .Digital Execs have delivered a high standard of performance by maintaining regular reviews and communicating with our internal stakeholders.”  – Service delivery partner


Media Organisation

“Given the sensitive nature of our project as well as the need to have this delivered as soon as feasible , we decided to go directly to a specialist . Digital Execs was chosen due to the professionalism and  “can – do” attitude displayed at our first meeting . The project is ongoing and the transition in stages has worked seamlessly , we are very satisfied with the outcome.” – Chairman 


Insurance Sector

“I am pleased to be able to say that in our dealings we have found Digital Execs to be responsive and a reliable provider of services . We find Digital Execs approachable down to earth and pragmatic when discussing situations/solutions, a contributory factor on our developing relationship is attributable to their manner and approach – all of which combine to make them very easy to deal with.” – HR and Training manager


US Bank

“Digital Execs are extremely professional and approachable, they have proved themselves to be diligent always answering my questions and queries promptly. Digital Execs provided all the relevant information in order to help me make an informed decision about our selection of recruitment software and our implementation of direct sourcing. we are looking to role this out to other areas of the group and will be using Digital Execs to assist us in delivery.” – HR Director


Candidate Testimonials

“I found the approach very professional . Providing an excellent link between recruiter, solution and candidate that ensured feedback was delivered promptly and openly both ways.”  – Chris


“Digital Execs listened to my job requirements from the start and I was only contacted when a position matched my requirements . I truly felt that Digital Execs worked as part of a team to seek the right fit . Feedback was quick after interview and I never felt pressurised to accept the first job offer that came along .

I am delighted to have succeeded with your help in securing this excellent role . Thank you for giving me this opportunity and all you help , support and proactive efforts throughout . I think it is all going well so far and I have recommended you to all my friends!” – Samee


“I have worked with Digital Execs on several occasions as both a client and this time as a candidate . They are clearly focused on the optimum outcome for both groups . Always helpful and highly professional I would recommend without hesitation.” – Noel


“Polished and professional, Digital Execs excel at building relationships and use these to open opportunities for their candidates . focused and driven Digital Execs are quick to gain your confidence and put you at ease.” – Sheila

Ian approached me in regards to an IT Sales role, I knew within the 30 seconds that what Ian had suggested was exactly in line with what I was looking for.
I met with Ian and he was able to guide me smoothly through the process and assisted in securing me the role I am with now, my dream job with Business Agility as an internal BDM.
I was really impressed with Ian’s professionalism and I would recommend him to anyone who was hiring or to anyone who is a candidate. – Ryan Brazier

Nearly 3 years ago Ian contacted me about a Developer role at Epsilon based at Google, I have been here for close to 3 years and can say that it’s been a great experience for me.

I would like to say that Ian approached me in a professional manner, listened to what I was looking for and presented the perfect role that I am enjoying to this day. – Duarte Viveiros 

Ian is very helpful and knowledgeable in his field. Nothing is to much trouble for him and I would not hesitate to recommend his work. Being personable is one of the most important assets and Ian has this in abundance. – Maria Moore

It was a pleasure working with Ian, I was a candidate for a role Ian was sourcing, he progressed my contacts with the client company well and promptly, was supportive and helpful and I will look forward to working with him in the future. – Mark Abraham

Ian is a highly effective recruiter. From the first contact, I knew I was in safe hands with him. Ian knows his market and that gives you piece of mind when working with him.
I would highly recommend Ian to and business or candidate. – Chris Turvey-Evans 

Working with Ian has been a real dream. He is very approachable and extremely helpful – especially with all the questions I kept asking him. highly recommending working with him. – Emma Acton-Bloom-Gabriele